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  • This Band is DOPE!

    My experience with Suga Cayne has been absolutely amazing. It was my very first time participating in Carnival and they made me feel so welcomed and loved. I worked as a model and performer for them all year round. Candice and Dwayne are incredible. The design ideas and execution are amazing, they’re organized, so easy to work with and make sure everyone is taken well care of.

    The makeup artists are not only super talented but also very kind and fun to be around (big s/o Malynne & Asha 🥰). The models that they invite to join the Band are always so lovely and easy to work with, this band is DOPE!

    I feel the family vibe with Sugacayne and I’m extremely grateful to have been a part of it. I can’t wait to play with them again this year 🤩 ~ Nadjema 2022

  • From Costume Detailing, Choreography, to ... Music. Food. It was all on point!

    “I absolutely loved my time playing Mas with SugaCayne. I’ve played with a larger band before but SugaCayne’s attention to detail and care was second to none. From costume detailing, choreography, to the entire day on the road. Music. Food. It was all on point and I stayed on the road till the truck returned to the parking lot!

    It was amazing and humbling to be taught dance choreography that was rooted in purposeful storytelling as opposed to simply choosing “hot/trendy” moves.

    The focus on representing and honouring the history and culture behind Mas and its significance to Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean at large especially among the black diaspora was full of learning and joy. I felt honoured to be invited to partake among a community of fellow dancers who wanted to celebrate their roots, power, and happiness.” ~ JJ 2022

  • My 1st time playing Mas

    "Thank You so much to @sugacayne and @footlockertoronto for this exciting opportunity! I won the contest prize to participate in the!! My 1st time playing Mas it was definitely an experience of a lifetime. So many amazing people with fantastic energy. From the warm welcome on pickup day and parade day to the food and constant check ins @sugacayne is a wonderful place to be. 😍" ~ Abigail 2022