About Us

We are Toronto’s premiere boutique Caribbean costume design and production company. All of our designs are the pinnacle of unique, handcrafted creations that are layered and infused with innovative fabrication technique and intentional storytelling.

We bring an inspired carnival design aesthetic and “mas-building” experience to local and international events, spaces, and Caribbean carnivals.

Our innovative, intricate designs have been featured at Toronto Metropolitan University, Cadillac Fairview branches and in carnivals around the world including Toronto, the Cayman Islands, Miami, Chicago, and Trinidad for more than a decade.


Our origin began as a creative outlet in 2010, we would soon become the original fusion of modern fabrication and traditional carnival values. 

We entered the Carnival space as a costume design production company and recently have fully-transitioned into our own boutique band. We have set ourselves apart from other bands and are known as being pioneers in the Carnival industry. 

In 2016, we began speaking with the Design Fabrication Zone (DFZ) at Toronto Metropolitan University. This introduced us to the new, modern ways of manipulating fabrics and textures through mediums such as 3D printing, thermoforming and laser cutting.

Before we decided to implement these contemporary mediums, as they were unheard of in the carnival costume manufacturing and production industry. Once we had realized this gap, we became the first band to introduce and fully implement these innovative techniques in costume making. 

Our creative flair and layered storytelling has always been rooted and encapsulated with our intentions. Carnival means more to us than just aesthetic costumes, it is our way of honouring and acknowledging the past while embracing and celebrating the present.  

In 2018, we created a virtual reality exhibit which was displayed at Carifesta, in Carnival’s homeland of Trinidad and Tobago. This VR exhibit lets users experience the excitement of watching the mas bands and trucks go by on the road. It also allows for users to see the meticulous detail of the costumes up close. Our carnival VR experience was also featured at the Design Exchange in Toronto. 

We work to help bridge the gap in awareness and knowledge for those who may not be as familiar with the Carnival experience by creating educational spaces and exhibitions. Our strides to close this gap has been exemplified by our exhibitions at ArtworxTO, The Design Exchange, Holt Renfrew, the Bob Marley Experience, and many more.

After two seasons of partnering with other local bands from 2016 to 2018, we officially debuted and entered the Toronto Caribbean Carnival as our own band in 2022. 

We are a unique boutique band that transcends what a typical band entails. We intently and purposely anchor ourselves in the community, this is apparent at every event we host and participate in.